Polar Vortex – Day 1

Single digit temperatures with sun today.  Doesn’t feel ridiculously cold as long as you’re not outside too long.  I think CPS might be off, but plenty of suburban schools seem to be in session.  If little kids can venture outside, we can’t be afraid to go about our business.  My regular pickup basketball game is 50/50 for tonight, depending if we get enough guys.  It’ll pass zero degrees into the negative around 7pm and then really dips into the negative teens overnight and all day Wednesday.  That’ll be the realest Chicago day.  Thursday will be negatives, too.  Then we’re through and back to 20s and 30s.  I’ve got food and Pepsi. The dog is wearing sweater.



Icy river, cold wind.  Lots of shutdowns and closings for Wednesday.  Some friends who own pizza places and bars are even closed for business tomorrow.  I’m sure you can find plenty of warm watering holes serving, though.  Tomorrow should be pretty quiet in the city.  Almost Purge-Like.   The city is ready.  Let’s end January with a cold bang.


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