A Pizza Friday Tale of Past Hooliganism

Year before last I got together with some of the fellas at Ranalli’s in Lincoln Park to watch the end of the first Final Four game and the entire evening game.  OB was there, along with Liftoff, Wiz & the Beagle.  Ranalli’s was packed and we had to stand, but we cordoned off enough room by the bar to get a couple pizzas.  The games were close, UNC and Gonzaga barely knocking off Oregon and South Carolina, respectively.  The boys and I crushed the thin crusts(see below), one sausage & one pepperoni.


Due to overconsumption of Coors, I was too dim-witted to properly receive the bartender’s joke when I told him he could take away the platter above.  “Want a box?” he cracked.  As if I’d take the corner piece home.  It took me a shameful amount of time to realize he was fucking with me.  That’s what drinking will do to you, kids.  Brain cell murder.

After the games we decided to walk to Marquee Lounge on Armitage & Halsted.  On the way, we spotted this 30th birthday party happening in a window.


Beagle offered Wiz 50 bucks to waltz into the party and wave to us from that very window.  Wiz – always embracing dares – took it a step further and showed up at the window shirtless.  img_2030

Ah, drunken shenanigans.  Wiz said the people at the party got a kick out of him.  Happy 30th, 2 years ago, to whomever was celebrating.  Sorry we sic’d Wiz on ya, but glad you had a sense of humor.

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