My Lovely Neighbors Went to the AFC Championship Game & Brought Me Home KC BBQ

I’m extremely fond of my neighbors, Moses & Maria.  My dog, Hank, loves visiting ’em upstairs.  They’ve always got a meaty meal for him or a new chew toy.  They even take him on camping trips, which Hank absolutely lives for.  He tries to hop in Mo’s truck any time the garage door is open.  Hank’s beloved godparents.

Mo & Maria live life to the fullest and embrace a sporting event opportunity at the drop of a hat.  In the 2.5 years I’ve lived here, they’ve jetted off to the Orange Bowl, driven to games at Michigan’s Big House, Wisconsin’s Camp Randall, Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium, Northwestern’s Ryan Field, Miller Park for a Brewers/Cubs game and a bunch of Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox & Bears and college b-ball games at United Center and beyond.  And that’s only a partial list.   Plus, M&M know how to tailgate the right way.  They make new friends no matter the fan affiliation.  Mo, who grew up right here in Bucktown, served 25 years with the KCPD after his time in the U.S. Army.  His son attends University of Kansas, and Mo couldn’t be prouder.  He never misses a Jayhawks game on TV.

This past Sunday, they drove to Kansas City for the Chiefs game.  From the pics Mo sent, the tailgate was lit.  Maria even Facetimed from their seats so I could experience the energy at Arrowhead during the Mahomes/Brady battle down the stretch.

Kansas City is known, of course, for its BBQ.  The sweethearts that Moses & Maria are, they picked up some of the best KC has to offer and brought it along on their 8-hour journey through the snow and ice – just for Hank and me.  Hank ate upstairs with his godparents – a specially prepared plate, haha.  I received a box of BBQ wings, beans, potato salad & slaw.  Smoky, flavorful and superb.  I mean, look at those wings:


Not only that, they picked me up a sixer of Kansas City- brewed beer – an Irish red ale, a variety of beer which I’m always seeking out.  How freaking cool is that????:



What a thoughtful gesture, bringing a KC meal home for the Hankster and me.  I really lucked out with my Chicago neighbors.



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