Inspiring Khalil Mack Cardboard Cutout at Jewel

My mom is recovering from bunion surgery at Foot First Podiatry, so I drove her to get groceries.  I approve of the layout at the Skokie Jewel.  You make a left upon entering and you’re immediately greeted by a bigger-than-life cardboard cutout of Khalil Mack, guarding the Pretzel Crisps. IMG_8723 2.JPG

My mom needed the basics – milk, bread, fruit, etc.  I decided to pick up a few things for myself while meandering through the aisles.  My mom wouldn’t let me spend $4.25 on 12 thank you cards, however.  She insisted they were overpriced.  Besides, she had a whole stash of thank you cards at home that she would give me instead.  (And she delivered on that promise when I dropped her off. )

I must’ve worked up quite an appetite grocery shopping, because I found myself pulling across the street to the Chick-Fil-A to grab a grilled chicken sandwich meal with the waffle fries.  Got some Chick-Fil-A sauce to dip the chicken.  Great drive-thru option, wish I had one by me.


It filled me up.  But later at home I broke into the groceries for a dessert.  Nature Valley is tricky, because the “Peanut Butter” granola bars are way inferior and contain no peanut butter component, just an artificial taste.  The “Peanut” variety has this sweet layer of peanut butter along the bottom of the peanuts.  Far, far better option.  Shop carefully and wisely.


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