Thirsty Thursday – Wicker Park’s Big Star

Big Star is the Goliath of Wicker Park – and there’s no David in sight to take it’s place.  I was in there again last night to drain a few Lone Stars.  I got hooked on the Texas equivalent of Old Style during a summer trip to Austin.


Even on a Wednesday in the middle of January, the crowd is consistent & swanky.  I sat at the bar with my buddy Tommy & his friend who’ll remain nameless because I convinced her to let me post a harrowing Ring doorbell video of her slipping on the ice down the stairs earlier that icy evening.  In exchange for the Airdrop I promised to keep her somewhat anonymous:


I kept the screen recording ending because I like that she paused Ty Dolla $ign to screen capture her own hard fall.  Don’t worry, she’s fine.  Nothing a few Tecates and a couple shots of Old Overholt 100 proof rye whiskey couldn’t solve.  That was the Wednesday whiskey special and oh boy you feel every bit of that 100 proof.

The kitchen stays open til 1am.  Fortunate, because I needed an additional dinner to soak up the alcohol in my gut.  Yeah, it’s a trendy taco place as opposed to traditional, authentic, etc.  But dang it they sure are freaking delicious.  I’m dazzled each time I eat there.  We got an assortment of pastor, carne asada, pork belly and pescado and went to town with a bottle of green.

Then said my goodbyes and sauntered home with a full stomach.  Mmm…mmm…mmm.  Never have had a bad time at Big Star and never had a bad meal.  That’s why it’s still dominating the ever-changing Wicker Park scene.  Even when the patio is closed and they’ve got the awning up in the dead of winter.  Stars are stars for a reason.




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