Taco Tuesday – Tony’s Burritos in Roscoe Village

We used to play fall ball at Hamlin Park and retire to Four Treys for postgame drinks.  Four Treys is not only a willing 16-inch softball team sponsor, it’s also a classic Chicago bar.

Our team, Bud Rose, isn’t always in the running for the championship.  After one dispiriting loss, we were tipping back some High Lifes and the subject of Mexican food arose, as it often does.  Danny Baseball complained that there wasn’t a Taco Bell in the area and questioned the quality of burritos near Four Treys.  He was swiftly corrected on both accusations by Patti, a ringer who our manager secured to provide some pop from the female contingent.  Patti wasn’t one to hold her tongue and she let Danny have it.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Patti noted.  “There’s a Taco Bell on Clybourn and Wrightwood.”

She huffed at his anti-burrito sentiment.

“You’ve obviously never been to Tony’s,” Patti said confidently.

How had Danny never been to Tony’s?  It was smack dab in between Hamlin and Four Treys, on the corner of Belmont and Damen.  And Patti was one hundred percent correct.  Tony’s is the real deal.  I’ll put it up there against any burrito in the city.  Tacos, too.  Heck, we even went in there once and ordered a cheeseburger as an appetizer, cut into quarters so 4 of us could taste.  The burger was fantastic.  Personally, I believe a cut & quartered burger should be a more common app.

Tony’s Burrito’s is a class establishment, too.  They could charge a heckuva a lot more, considering the high-quality ingredients and the care they put into each meal.  They choose to keep the prices rock bottom, however.

We learned a lot about ourselves that season.  We learned how to accept some losses.  We learned to park in between the park and the bar.  And we learned that Patti doesn’t blow smoke when it comes to quality Mexican food.  Played a mean 1st base, as well.



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