Meat Sweat Monday – Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

The drive-thru is a greatly underutilized asset for restaurants.  Only the burger and taco chains really employ drive-thrus.  I can’t understand why sandwich places like Jimmy John’s and Potbelly’s don’t think they’d be an effective  means of serving the masses.  But I’m sure they’ve done the research.  Portillo’s does it pretty successfully.  Some Al’s Beef locations have ’em, too.  McDonald’s is putting more stock in mobile ordering these days.  If Mickey D’s is phasing out the drive-thru, then maybe the whole drive-thru system will become a thing of the past, like drive-ins of the 1950s.  But for now, I still like the convenience.

I chose Wendy’s because I appreciate their bacon.  It’s crispy and real, significantly better than McDonald’s bacon.  Wendy’s burgers are good, man.  The fries aren’t on par with McDonald’s, but they’re better than Burger King.  I order a couple junior bacon cheeseburgers to make for a filling little meal.  20 years from now, who knows if I’ll be able to pull into a drive-thru and order this way?  Wait – if I’m eating Wendy’s bacon juniors for dinner – I probably won’t live another 20.  Never mind.



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