Friday Bar Stop – Simon’s Tavern in Andersonville

My broadcasting bro Dag lets loose with his band Expo ’76 one or two Wednesdays a month at Simon’s on Clark just north of Foster.  I’ve caught ’em a handful of times and they get turn the old joint going nice ‘n rowdy.  Simon’s is historic for a number of reasons.  I don’t really do research or anything that, but I like to know the significance of an establishment.  We’ll leave the deep background information to the fine folks over at the Chicago Bar Project:’s/Simon’s.htm

Into ghost shit?  Some say Simon’s is haunted:

Okay?  Feel like you know what kind of joint you’re walking into?  Good.  Now grab a High Life, like I did, and relax.  It can get kind of slow in here.  But it can speed up, too.  And not just on the Wednesdays when Expo is blowing the doors off the hinges with rock ‘n’ roll.


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