Taco Tuesday – Coyotes in Pilsen

Pilsen offers a plethora of great taco spots.  Like how I’m writing like El Guapo?  Coyotes is on 18th street I think.  TBH I was pretty f’d up the night/morning I went there at like 3am.  I remember lying down in the Uber, much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of my Ubermates.  It was back in early December when a radio job loss was looming and I might’ve been in a depressed mood.  I got lit up – beer early & often and whiskey later on, oooh boy.  Getting wasted helped in the short term, but hurt the next day.  But not because of the burrito in my tummy.  That and the Advil were probably the only things that helped me recover.

The pictures aren’t the most flattering because I was f’d up, not that I’m Walter Iooss Jr. when peering through a sober lens.  But I promise you the burrito and the tacos are worth trying.  Plus, the place is basically always open.  The steak is on point with a flavorful green sauce.  Another blurry meal on the late night scene, yet it stuck in my memory and I’ve got it on my list for a more…let’s say…dignified dining experience.  Less whiskey to end my night, perhaps.  And an upright journey.

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