Bears Finish Vikings, Prep for Defending Champs

Pretty nice little Sunday of sports, featuring a decisive Bears win with only a couple major injuries.  Anthony Miller’s shoulder didn’t look good.  Hopefully Taylor Gabriel is ok.  I saw him tweeting Sunday night so that’s a good sign I think.  Philly comes to town for the playoffs, which my causes my deep-seated fan fears to rise.  I was at the 2002 divisional round playoff game, when the Eagles came in and smacked down the 13-3 Bears.  Plus, they’ve got last year’s Super Bowl experience and Big Dick Nick, if he’s not too badly hurt.  But then I remembered that the 2018 Bears are different.  We have the best football player in the world, Khalil Mack.  There are no holes on our defense, from Eddie Goldman through Eddie Jackson (assuming he’ll be back).  Some suggested they should’ve laid down against the Vikings to avoid Philadelphia.  Bullshit.  Championship contenders don’t care who they face.  The belief is internal.  You think Michael Jordan cared if he faced the Heat or the Hornets in the first round?  You think the ’85 Bears thought about which team they match up with better in the playoffs?  Hell no!  As Steve Fuller said, ‘Bring on Atlanta!  Bring on Dallas!’  I believe Chase Daniel would be the modern equivalent of Fuller.  And I’m sure he was at Club Dub singing ‘Bring on Philly!  Bring on New Orleans!  This is for Nags and Virginia McCaskey…Ok doesn’t rhyme.  Forget it.



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