Giardin-Error at New Logan Square Sandwich Place

Rosie’s Sidekick opened earlier this year at 2610 N. California but I just found out about the place.  Wouldn’t you know it, my first time in there I made a rookie mistake.  I got the hot turkey, which was a good order.  But I said no to hot peppers.  I didn’t know what this sandwich was until I got it home and opened it up.  It’s like a hot turkey version of an Italian beef.  Technically a cheesy beef because they melt provolone on there.  Don’t think it’s Gonnella but it’s really good beef-style bread and they get it wet.  The sandwich was good nevertheless.  But I’ll be honest – I was thinking about how much better it would’ve been w/hot during each bite.  I mean, look at picture.  Think how nice some hot would’ve mixed in there.  I’ll get over it by the time the Bears game starts.  And I’ll make up for it next time.  Maybe I’ll even get extra giardiniera, just to prove to everybody I ain’t no punk.


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