Watched Bird Box After Bulls Win and Suffered No Nightmares

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix thriller is terror-inducing, but I slept like a baby.  Perhaps because I watched a future-affirming half of Bulls basketball before viewing the apocalyptic freaky film.  Only the second half, because the first 2 quarters left my feathers ruffled – even if Lauri threw down a couple massive dunks and Wendell Carter Jr. continued flowing on offense off Kris Dunn setups.

In the 2nd half, defense translated to offense.  The 3rd period was high-scoring for both teams, but they held Washington to 20 in the 4th and pulled away for a road win.  6 players scored in double-figures.  Markkanen, Dunn and most impressively Zach LaVine, even without the full strength of his ankle, played smoothly together, as if we’d flashed ahead 5 years.  Finally seeing the 3 players acquired in the Jimmy Butler trade all starting together at (mostly) full health is like removing your blindfold in a safe place.

I don’t know what the future holds for these Bulls.  We need another piece or two.  Maybe it’ll come via a monster trade or perhaps a big time draft pick.  (Brace for annoying amount of bird analogies…now)  I think a relatively healthy remainder of the season could help this flock of young players take flight.  I think Lauri can soar with anyone.  Dunn and LaVine are the duo who must learn to spread their wings without clipping one another. (Ah, those felt good.  One more movie reference and we’re done here.) Even if they aren’t a perfect fit, it’s not the end of the world.

Bulls @ Toronto tomorrow.  Let’s get another.



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