Pizza Friday: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park

Every pizza is unique, I suppose.  Variations in ingredients, recipes, sauces, cheese, ovens, preparation, dough, etc. give each place it’s own taste and feel.  Many, though, offer similar presentations.  Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder on Clark St. near Lincoln Park Zoo stands apart.  Nobody – and I mean nobody – prepares and serves a pizza they way they do.  These are truly unique.  They arrive at your table in the pan and are popped out onto your plate, individual pie for each eater.  See those lumps?  Those are whole, uncut mushrooms.  I’ve heard some people forge a meaningless argument against calling these pizzas.  Seems to have all the elements of pizza from where I’m sitting.  There’s a reason they have a 2-hour wait pretty much any time you show up.  They don’t take reservations and it’s cash only.  All signs that they’re doing something right and have been for a long time.  It’s an experience you want to have in the city of big pizzas.  Don’t forget to order the mediterranean bread for the table as an appetizer.  Salads are good, too.  And belly up at the bar while you wait for a table, if you can find a seat.  If not, hover and drink.


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