D Rose Hears MVP Chants from True Chicago Fans and…Talk About a Return?

It wasn’t a special night if you were wearing a Bulls uniform.  But it was quite memorable for everyone else at United Center and watching at home.  Derrick Rose was unstoppable as he led Minnesota to a convincing victory over the Bulls.  Of course, I always root for the Bulls first, but D Rose looking like D Rose is a feel-good consolation prize.  And or course it gets people thinking…Could D Rose come back as a free agent?  Mark Strotman from NBC Sports Chicago wrote a piece detailing how such a move – unlikely as it might seem at first glance – might benefit next year’s Bulls.  Since we’re probably dreaming – I’m gonna take it a step further.


I love Zach LaVine and believe he could be a great piece of the Bulls future.  But what if, instead, you send him to New Orleans this summer, along with our draft pick and Wendell Carter Jr. in exchange for Anthony Davis?  The Pelicans would have to at least consider that offer, right?  It’s better than anything the Lakers can offer.  The Celtics can get in the conversation. but that’s a pretty good haul for New Orleans.  And, as natural a scorer as Zach is, as much potential as Carter has shown and all the possibilities that come with a top-5 lottery pick – you have to get Davis if you have a chance.  If you can do so and are able to hold on to Lauri Markkanen – then suddenly we’ve got something.  Sign D Rose to a free-agent deal and put Kris Dunn next to him in the backcourt.  Lauri and Davis up front with Denzel Valentine at the 3 to stretch the floor.  Portis as 6th man and re-sign Robin Lopez as the other backup big.

I know, I’m crazy.  But when your team has a terrible win-loss record, you gotta let your mind wander.   Now, back to monitoring the Cubs and Bryce Harper…

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