Bulls Can’t Cut Down the Nets

96-93…the Bulls were that close to keeping Brooklyn from a 7th straight win.  Justin Holiday and Kris Dunn couldn’t connect on a handoff in the final seconds and the Nets stole the victory.  KD had another aggressively solid game.  He controlled the pace and got to his sweet spots in the lane, totaling 24 points and 6 assists on the night.  Yes, at 25 years of age, Dunn’s older by 3rd year player standards.  Maybe that just means fewer miles by the time he could be a dominating force at age 30.  The hurdle for him is whether he can score like this while also keeping Zach LaVine happy and getting plenty of shots for Lauri Markkanen.  Wednesday, the former was n/a and the latter didn’t happen.  Although, Dunn seemed to be playing off ball – for whatever reason – for large chunks of the game.

The thing the Bulls missed on against the Nets, as I alluded to – was getting Markkanen involved.  The Finnisher scored 8 pts in the 1st quarter, but only got 2 shot attempts the rest of the game.  With LaVine out – even when Zach’s playing – Lauri needs more action.

Right now it’s not the most thrilling to watch, but I can see potential in the 2nd unit – if injuries ever allow this team to be whole.  In 2-4 weeks, when Zach returns, Arcidiacono will be pushed back to the bench.  Arch oughta balance Shaq Harrison out.  Not that Cameron Payne didn’t give ’em quality minutes against Brooklyn – just seems like a more likely pairing moving forward.  Lopez, Portis, Hutchison, Arch & Shaq isn’t a scary lineup, but could be solid enough to compete for the rest of the year.  Plus, imagine all the shots Bobby will get up sharing the court with those guys.  Bobby turned his ankle & left the court with under 2 minutes.  We don’t need any more injuries, so let’s hope it’s fine in the morning.

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