Monday Morning Point Guard

I got up super early today and watched Saturday night’s Bulls win over San Antonio on my DVR.  I had my annual friends’ Christmas party in LaGrange Park Saturday night and we got after it, so paid no attention to sports that evening.  Instead of our traditional screw you neighbor concept, we opted for guys vs. girls trivia contest with a professional trivia proctor who we hired.  The men won it on a final tie-breaker: Music artist with the most #1 albums of all time for a solo artist? A) Mariah Carey B) Michael Jackson C) Jay-Z D) Madonna.  The answer was Jay-Z (the girls said Mariah, I think, it’s foggy.  And I didn’t even have any edibles, though plenty of nog, beer & whiskey.)  Men were the champs.  IMG_5378

Yesterday, I went out for the Bears and didn’t get a chance to catch up on the Bulls, despite seeing a few tweets about Kris Dunn’s heroics.  KD certainly was clutch down the stretch.  I’m a Dunn supporter, as you may have noticed.  If he develops some consistency & stays healthy, I think people will stop questioning his viability as a part of the Bulls future.  Is it that he plays better without LaVine?  Sure hope that’s not something those 2 can’t work out.  Time will tell.  KD gets another chance to be the backcourt stud tonight in Oklahoma City.  Let’s go streaking.



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