Watched the Bears Clinch at a Bar in Greektown

The Ambassador Public House is a friendly little bar in Greektown – and a great place to watch the Bears beat the Packers whilst wrapping up the NFC North crown on a sunny December day.  Unfortunately, I miscommunicated with my buddy Whammer and ended up walking into the fancy Ambassador Hotel in Gold Coast around kickoff.  I saw a family with good table manners enjoying a meal at the restaurant in there before I asked the front desk if there was a separate bar at the hotel.  “Yes, up the stairs” he told me.  Great, is the Bears game on?  “No, sir, no TVs.”  Fuck.  Wasted a $14 uber ride to the wrong place.  I called the Whammer and recalibrated.  I jumped on the red line and followed the first quarter on my phone.  Then I got in a cab on Jackson and heard Khalil Mack’s 2nd sack of the day – Tom Thayer explained that Mack was being twisted and actually sort of sacked Rodgers with his back.  Finally, I arrived at the right bar.  I got a Coors Light(more than one over the course of the day) and built my own cheeseburger, which came out pretty good.  The crew was primed up for Bears Sunday and we worked in plenty of high fives between hand-wringing over questionable play calls and letting Green Bay hang around.  Once the Bears victory was sealed, the Irishman who owns the place gave every patron a celebratory shot of Jameson on the house and they auctioned off a Mack #52 jersey.  You got a raffle ticket with each drink ordered.  Despite overwhelming odds, no one at our table won.  Our waitress kept the beers coming all day and she had a great Irish brogue.  Postgame, we laughed as the Whammer kept referring to Trubisky as ‘Turbo’.  He argued vigorously that should be Trubisky’s nickname instead of Biscuit.  Whammer’s brother Tim pointed out Taylor Gabriel already has the nickname Turbo and that you can’t have 2 Turbos on one team, but the Whammer remained stubborn.  BTW, my preferred moniker ‘T-Biscuit’ got zero support.  Otherwise all is good in Bears World – with our breath held for tomorrow’s Eddie Jackson diagnosis.


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