Weekend Day Drinking – Local’s Light from Short’s Brewing Co.

Short’s Brewing Company is based in Bellaire, Michigan – up near the top of the mitten, north of Traverse City.  Their flagship beer is Local’s Light, a lager you can slug all day without any aftertaste.  Cool looking can, too.  It’s an easy-drinking alternative if you’re a domestic beer drinker who wants to mix things up a little and support a mom-and-pop brewery who fought to become a Midwest success story.  I discovered it last weekend when my neighbor Craig had people over to watch the Bears stifle the Rams.  I brought Bud Light.  Another guy showed up with a sixer of this and urged me to try one.  I did and I wanted to drink 3 more, but figured that wouldn’t be cool.  I switched back to the Bud Lights, but Local’s stuck in my taste memory for future occasions.


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