Bryce Callahan – Big Shoes to Fill

Bryce Callahan is likely out for the season with a broken foot.  The sure-tackling DB has been a crucial piece of Vic Fangio’s Bears defense.  It remains to be seen how badly this loss affects the potential of this 2018 team.  Sherrick McManis sure seems capable as next man up.

When watching the complete game domination of an offensive-minded Los Angeles Rams team on Sunday night, the defensive unit played like one single-minded organism.  Todd Gurley was cut off going one direction and another arm of the D swallowed him up on his secondary route.  When the D is going right, they’re of one mindset, reading one another’s instincts and feeding off a shared energy.  Callahan has been a man responsible for a number of crucial solo tackles on screen passes, quick hitches and sweeps since Week 1.  That’s how I picture him when I hear his name, bringing down a back or a wideout on third down short of the marker.

I guess a broken bone in the foot isn’t the worst football injury, although probably worse for defensive backs than interior lineman.  Yes, it’s true I’m no doctor – but maybe he could come back in the playoffs, depending on which bone it is and how quickly its heals?  Who knows?  In the meantime, let’s hope we don’t suffer any other big losses on D.  Injuries suck and are way too often the difference between glory and falling short.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Get well soon, Bryce.

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