Meat Sweat Monday: International Burger Menu at McDonald’s Hamburger University in West Loop

Everyone seems to have an opinion on McDonald’s – plenty of negativity surrounding the golden arches.  I’m a bit of a McDonald’s apologist, because they’re from here. The Founder is one of my favorite movies, love the history lesson it provides, from Des Plaines to a long run in Oakbrook to its current home in Chicago’s West Loop.  In fairness, I might be preordained to enjoy the film because my grandfather, who sold paper products, did business with Ray Kroc at some point.

You ever mention McDonald’s and somebody immediately interjects with a scoff “I never eat at McDonald’s”? Good for you.  Nobody asked.  I understand the distaste some hold for McDonald’s, but I also don’t remember them ever claiming to be health food.  Of course you’ll get fat if you eat Big Macs for 30 straight days – good on that guy for building a career on that alone, I guess.  Bottom line, they offer cheap food that’s reliable.  When you set out on the highway for a road trip without packing any food, it’s because you know there will be a McDonald’s along the way.  That’s an overlooked American comfort.  Making good choices or limiting your exposure to unhealthy options there – that’s on you.

Like it or hate it, Mickey D’s is a Chicago institution.  The biggest and most recognizable brand we’ve ever had.  And they employ a lot of people here at the impressive West Loop headquarters, located where Oprah’s studios used to stand.  I took a peek inside when they first opened, but this was my first meal there.  A unique thing about McDonald’s home base is the offering of some international menu items (although far less than I anticipated & several items were unavailable on this particular day.)


Only 4 sandwich options, which disappointed me.  Canada didn’t seem international enough and the McAloo Tikki didn’t appeal to me, so I went British.  They bring your order out to you here:

McDonald’s bacon has never been a strong point, a little chewy.  But altogether the Brit BBQ burger wasn’t bad.  It’s a McDonald’s burger, so no major surprises here.  Just the same ingredients, different combo.  But it worked.  McDonald’s Coke – always right on. And you know about the fries.  Best in the fast food industry, except maybe White Castle.  Even if you never eat at McDonald’s, you should pop your head in at the West Loop headquarters and check the place out.


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