Weiner Wednesday: America’s Dog & Burger at Navy Pier

I never heard of this place before.  But apparently it was founded at Navy Pier by 2 brothers, who went around and gathered famous dog recipes from around the country:



I tried the Maxwell Street Polish.  It being navy Pier, the place lacks authenticity.  You’re getting served by college kids who could just as easily be working at a Chipotle.  But the place is clean and they’ve got a system to maintain consistency.


Polish, fries & regular Mountain Dew – $15.  That’s Navy Pier pricing, folks.  The Polish was flavorful; the bun fresh and steamed; the sport peppers, onions & mustard all were correct – but it was almost, like, too manufactured…too uniform?  Like it came out of a Polish sausage-making machine.  I revert to the word ‘authenticity.’  Maybe it was just the food court atmosphere that made me feel cold and unloved.  I like my Polish with a side of love.





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