The Man Behind the Wardrobe for Trubisky, Nagy, Chance the Rapper & Fighting Irish Football Team

Matt Nagy opts for conservative suits…Mitch Trubisky is more adventurous.  Chance the Rapper is Chicago’s style icon, while Pat the Manager’s sense of style is on the rise.

One man dresses them all…not to mention Bears GM Ryan Pace and the Notre Dame Football Team.

I sat down for a chat with Ge Wang of ESQclothing – 555 W. Jackson to find out all the details:

Ge is a Glenbard South grad from Glen Ellyn.  How about going to law school then realizing you hate being a lawyer?  And he just shifted to a whole new successful career.  Inspiring.  And well dressed, obviously.  Meanwhile, as you see in the picture, I look like I slept in my clothes.


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