Taco Tuesday: El Paisano in Humboldt Park

When you’re really hungry, a common order is a burrito…and a taco just in case.  It’s kind of like a beer back.  You’ve got it there just in case the liquor needs an assist.  I stopped into El Paisano on Division and Artesian – in a ravenous state.  Ordered a steak burrito, she rung me up.  As preparations were underway, I returned the register and explained I’d better get a steak taco, too.  She smiled and said “Just in case.”  She knew.  Nice lady.  The food was beyond nice.  Take a look:


Good green.  Good red, too.  Wanna see inside my burrito?  Okay:


All that in stuff in there.  It’s called goodness.  Steak goodness.  Enjoy, paisano.


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