Chicago Sports Dignitaries & Swerski’s Super Fans at State of IL 200th Birthday Party

My inner sports fan geeked out when he spotted Toni Kukoc, Horace Grant, Ron Kittle, Ryan Dempster and Otis Wilson greeting one another at the Navy Pier birthday bash for the State of Illinois:

Governor Bruce Rauner and Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker were there, too.  I caught up with Pritzker out in the hallway before the party and he said politician things:

Robert Smigel and George Wendt, aka Da Super Fans were a highlight.  Smigel writes the shit out of everything and he’s quick as balls.  Whether it’s Triumph or this or whatever…always on point.

You should’ve seen Kukoc & Grant exchange a “Whoa, did he just say that?” look after the Bulls line:

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