Charles Leno’s Jr. GF Jennifer Roth is the Chrissy Teigen of Bears Twitter

Now, you might say that’s high praise, because Chrissy Teigen is one of the most popular and entertaining Twitter follows in the Twittersphere.  But let me make a case for a rising star.  Jennifer Roth’s bae is Charles Leno Jr.  The man who protects Mitch Trubisky’s weak side and annihilates linebackers when Tarik Cohen is in the flat making magic.

First off, Jennifer’s family has history with the Bears, her grandfather was a longtime season ticket holder.  She knows the game and defends her man, knowledgeably, against trolls:


She’s supportive of her man, consistently urging fans to vote the deserving left tackle into the Pro Bowl.  Jennifer even called out the Bears when they left “Len” out of a group retweet for votes.  She’ll also call Charles out, in a cool GF way:

Funniest part of that photo might be their dog studying Leno’s wrapping technique.

Jennifer seems to treat her man right:


For more, follow her:


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