Meat Sweat Monday: Burger at Lockdown Bar & Grill in Ukrainian Village

This heavy metal joint serves arguably the best burgers around. I’m not talking about Kuma’s. Although, I’m pretty sure Lockdown is a cousin to the famous Avondale spot. Unlike Kuma’s, you don’t have to wait in line at Lockdown. The staff is probably friendlier than any bar crew you’ve ever encountered. They’ll make sure you’re attended to and your burger is cooked the way you ordered it. While you’re chomping away, take in an Iron Maiden concert playing on all 10 TVs. They don’t do sports here, only metal. Doesn’t matter if the Bears are playing in the Super Bowl. Go find a sports bar if you’re not okay with the entertainment. They’re never dicks about it, however. Metal is just the standard. Some uptight neighbors are protesting the mural on the wall, claiming it promotes Satan. It doesn’t, but it is a fantastic homage to the metal genre.  UPDATE: More info & pics of the mural at this link:

I went with the Big House: Bacon, cheddar & BBQ sauce:

Surreal burger. Really good sweet potato fries, as well. My buddy Sully got a Wise Guy, like a pepperoni pizza burger. He said it was legit, too. Always get some Mac & Cheese at Lockdown. It’s a specialty. Throw whatever you want in there – like bacon, green onion & tomato, for example:

I drank High Life, Sully had $2 Miller Lites on special and at some point the girl behind the bar comped me a red ale of some sort. Only thing better than cheap beer is free beer.

UPDATE:  Mike L made me aware of this Maiden doc, I’ve got to watch this (metalhead at the very end made me lol):

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