Pizza Friday: Adding Meat to The Lou

When it’s cold & shitty out sometimes you’re good with being lazy on the couch and contributing nothing to society.  Even the dog was disappointed in my lack of activity:

I was hungry and didn’t want to go out.  I landed on Lou Malnati’s website.  I like the taste of “The Lou” – with tomatoes, spinach & mushrooms on garlic buttercrust.  But I craved meat protein, too.  Perhaps inspired by Hank’s stare or my Make Someday Today Cubs long sleeve, inspiration struck.  I reconstructed The Lou, but added an ingredient of my own:

Pepperoni!  An add-on right on the money.

I’d done it.  I’d created something beautiful without ever leaving the couch.  Hank got some floor dropping pepperoni and life was good for all.  Happy Friday.  Go forth and pizza yourself.

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