Taco Tuesday: Taquizas Don Rafa – 21st & Western

Taquizas Don Rafa is a taco place a few blocks from the Damen Pink Line stop and the Western BNSF Metra station; servicing the Pilsen/Heart of Chicago/Little Village/Marshall Square neighborhoods.  Let me paint you a picture of the meal experience at Don Rafa, if you’re me.  First, you snack on crunchy chips with full bowls of fresh green and red salsa while you sip on your Sierra Mist…


The waitress arrives with your tacos before you ruin your appetite with too many chips.  Your eyes dance across the plate, appreciating the cilantro & onion, the soft flour tortillas, the slices of lime and, most importantly, the steak.

BTW, I hold their steak in high esteem, not at all chewy or stringy.  I decided to add on a side of bacon-wrapped weenies.  I spied ’em and had to have ’em.  Not necessarily a Mexican delicacy – or maybe it is, how the heck would I know?  They were just regular hot dogs wrapped in regular bacon.  But, any which way, I don’t see anything wrong with bacon-wrapped hot dogs – any place, any time.


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