Arcidiacono Nearly Steals a Win For Bulls

Ryan Arcidiacono came this close to an epic final 2-minute sequence.

1:50 left, Bulls down 7 – Jabari Parker finds Arch in the right corner and Arch buries a three.

53.9 left Bulls down 4 – Arch collects defensive rebound off DeMar DeRozan miss and passes to Zach LaVine, who send the ball back to Arch for another 3 with 48.1 remaining.

3.6 remaining, Bulls down 1 – Arch fouls LaMarcus Aldridge after a Zach LaVine missed three.  Sideline out of bounds.  Arch knocks away the Bryn Forbes inbounds pass and collects it along the baseline, he throws up a fading jumper as time expires…and it comes up short, off the rim.  Arch fell back out of bounds and ended up under a fan’s legs, upset with the result of his attempt.  Spurs win 108-107.  Zach filled up the stat sheet, but didn’t get the best look at the end.  Arch put forth every effort on his way to a career high 22 points, but came up a hair short.  It wasn’t quite Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 10 seconds or Havlicek or Bird stealing the ball, but it would’ve been pretty cool if Arch pulled it off.  Early in the game, Greg Popovich was laughing with Arch during a stoppage in play.  Arch is a Popovich type of team guy.

Tough loss to take, as the Bulls had a little lead in the 3rd and 4th.  But the Spurs took it back with a quick scoring burst in the 4th, and even Arch’s hustle couldn’t get the Bulls a W.  Good battle with a good team, however.  Plenty of positives to take away.  Bulls travel to Milwaukee Wednesday.  Let’s get one.

Note:  Chance the Rapper and his fiance Kirsten sat courtside for this one.  Chance rocked a pink version of his signature 3 lid.





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