Khalil Mack Attends Bulls Game, but Bulls Lack Mackness on D

Bulls really got worked by Hassan Whiteside and the Heat in the 2nd quarter.  He dunked at will and swatted shot after shot like he used during his rise.  The malaise carried over to the 3rd and it had the makings of a real yawner.  But then Zach LaVine caught fire and the Bulls started getting after it on D.  Perhaps they noticed Khalil Mack sitting courtside?  Suddenly, they were in it and it ended up a quite watchable 2nd half.

Jabari Parker runs the baseline like Flea lays down a bassline.  Give it away to Jabari and he’ll make you pay.  Quite the finisher along the baseline.

Erroneous foul calls are plaguing Wendell Carter Jr.  What happened to the anti-acting initiative in the NBA?  I’ve only heard of one warning issued this season league-wide – to Joel Embiid, who admitted he flopped.  Get on it, Adam Silver.  Acting ruins the game and you must hand out big fines.  It’s costing Bulls fans entire quarters of Carter Jr.  When the kid is off the court, the whole team really suffers, especially on the defensive end.  Then the fans suffer.  Robin Lopez really stepped up actively against the Heat, though.  He blocked a couple shots, boxed out (as always) and made key plays to keep the positive vibes going towards the end of the 3rd.

Justin Holiday kept the offense afloat in the otherwise abysmal-shooting 1st half.  He’s been fire from 3 and put up 17 points by halftime.

After a well-deserved rest, Zach returned halfway through the 4th to score more points, because that’s what Zach does.  But Josh Richardson proved up for the challenge and nailed big shot after big shot for Miami down the stretch.  Game, Heat.

Bulls are in Minnesota to play D Rose, Taj, Luol & Thibs.  I’ll be emotional.  Let’s get a road win.  Go Bulls.

Cool moment:  Dwyane Wade, huge Bears fan, signed his jersey and gave it to Khalil Mack after the game.



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