Jabari & Zach Sun Themselves

Jabari Parker and missed a triple double by 2 assists and Zach LaVine led all scorers with 29 points as the Bulls beat Phoenix 124-116.

It wasn’t a game of strong defense either way, as the final score might indicate.  But the Bulls took advantage of open lanes, getting to the rim for a slew of dunks.  At one point in the 3rd, the Bulls dished to one another for 3 consecutive slams on the run.  Jabari, Zach & Wendell, if memory serves.  The dunk of the night belonged to Shake ‘N Blake, who sprung like a Pop Tart out of a toaster to hammer it through all over rookie Mikal Bridges.  Probably the best dunk of Antonio’s young career, although the Julius Randle one last year was sweet, too.  Blakeney is like a double yellow line – no passing – but he can fill it up from everywhere on the floor – 14 points in 25 minutes.  Ryan Arcidiacono provided a highlight of his own with a loose ball dive into the 3rd row.  Arch went full speed after that ball with reckless abandon, in the spirit of that internet-famous dog who loves piles of leaves.  He crawled out unharmed, if covered in beer.  Coors Light, according to Neil Funk.  Arch was on fire all game, only missing two shots on the way to 14 points.  It’s fun to play another rebuilding team and see where the Bulls stack up.  Even without some of their best guys, they conquered a talented Suns squad.  Victory is always nice.

Humorous broadcasting note:

Stacey King alleged that the Grinch movie was based on the life story of Neil Funk.

Historical music note:

It was 90s night and Coolio performed the halftime show(video courtesy of Rudy, who actually had a game ticket):

Coolio Performs Halftime at Bulls Game for 90s Night from Brendan Greeley on Vimeo.

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