LaVine Sick, Bulls Game Sickening

Zach LaVine was under the weather.  The result was vomit-inducing.  Kawhi Leonard sat out for the Raptors, but Kyle Lowry and crew still did Jurassic World things to the unsuspecting spectators wearing Bulls uniforms.  Stacey King was so angry by the end of the blowout, he was calling the team out for lack of effort.  Stacey did absolve Shaquille Harrison and Ryan Arcidiacono based on their hustle.  Neil Funk and Stacey seemed to hint that some players are just looking out for their own stats and not committing to a team game.  Antonio Blakeney, who forced up more than his fair share of bad looks on his way to a 6-for-19 night, is the poster boy for the TV team’s frustration.  Blakeney has so much talent, but he’s a long way from understanding his role.  Someday he’ll get it and he’ll be a weapon.  Time will tell if he’s in Bulls red when he gets it figured out.  At times I felt like shielding my eyes from the massacre, peering through my fingers to watch the nice things, like a Robin Lopez 3-ball that he celebrated, I believe, by miming opening a canned beverage and taking a sip.  Judge for yourself.

Ugly night at United Center.  I actually turned on the John Krasinski/Emily Blunt thriller A Quiet Place to take my mind off it once the final buzzer mercifully sounded.  You know, a less gory form of entertainment.

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