Rammy’s Radical Italian Beef – Elk Grove Village

Different is good.  Radical is beyond good.

Rammy’s Sub Contractors on Higgins Rd in Elk Grove Village offers a deep menu.  I stopped in at 10:30am because I needed something hearty to warm me up on a snowy morning.  The most popular choice is Rammy’s Radical Italian Beef:  a beef with, are you ready for this…pesto, garlic spread & provolone.  They recommend you get it Rammy’s way and add parmesan, oregano, onion, tomato, chipotle mayo and giardiniera.  I listened to the good advice and got it Rammy’s way.  I dug in to this rebel beef and got messy for all the right reasons.


Rammy’s Radical is a godsend.  The flavors complement one another and the sandwich holds together without much fallout.  Your hands and face will get saucy, but that what napkins are for.  I drank a fountain Dew in a special anniversary cup (taste and see why they’ve made it 20 years) and grabbed a bag of Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream.  The Rammy’s Radical was so delicious, I returned to the counter when I finished to individually thank everyone who participated in the ordering and construction of my sandwich.  Won’t be my last Rammy’s Radical.



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