Zero 1st Place Votes for Javy is a Travesty

I’m fine with Pete Davidson’s doppleganger getting the MVP award, I guess.  Zero 1st place votes for Javier Baez, though?  Who voted from Chicago?  Javy deserved the MVP every bit as much as Christian Yelich.  It all comes down to whatever groupthink stat is the in thing right now.  If you watched Javy all year, dude kept the Cubs in win mode.  And he didn’t have Lorenzo Cain to set the table for him everyday.  Cain was every bit as valuable to the Brewers as Yelich.  Can’t say that about anyone on the Cubs.  Ah well, Javy will win it in 2019.  Unless rejuvenated Kris Bryant, consistent Anthony Rizzo, figured-it-all-out Kyle Schwarber or newly-signed-Cub Bryce Harper challenge him.


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