Big Start for Jabari, But Bulls Outmanned

Jabari stroked 2 threes, including one at the 1st quarter buzzer.  Mr. Basketball 2013 also banged inside for some smooth short pops.  Unfortunately, his scoring ended there for the evening.  But in the end, the Celtics just outdefended and outmanned the Bulls.  Total blowout, starters didn’t sniff the 4th quarter.

Don’t worry, reinforcements are on the way.  Kelly Crull shared footage of Lauri Markkanen throwing down a thunderous dunk with his injured arm in the background of her chat with Wendell Carter Jr.  The Finnisher also got up some threes without any pain.

Shaq Harrison got some playing time and again impressed with his defense.  Dunn-Arch-Harrison could be a nice point guard hierarchy.

Hate to be that guy who complains about the broadcasters.  I know it’s a really tough job and I couldn’t do it.  There are very, very few who do it well.  Especially calling basketball games.  Again, missed Neil Funk.  Tonight’s guy was very polished and informative, a high quality broadcaster.  Only problem was he called the game like it was national TV.  ESPN guy, he knows his bread is buttered in New England.  On and on he went about the Celtics and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and Brad Stevens and the wonderful city of Boston and Alex Cora and the Red Sox.  Thing is the guy is from here…but he left and drank that Bristol water and lost his Midwest.  Stacey and Neil will compliment other coaches and players here and there in the flow, but take it easy.  But again, he’s talented.  So maybe in the grand scheme of the search for an heir to the Funk – which I hope is a long, long way off – this guy could do it if NBC Sports Chicago/WGN is label that pays him.

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