Weiner Wednesday: Little Joe’s – Countryside

Eating at Little Joe’s is a religion in the Countryside/LaGrange/Western Springs communities, approaching the level of St. Cletus, St. John of the Cross or St. Francis Xavier.  The legendary beef/dog place has served generations of Lyons Township students, from the days of Jeff Hornacek all the way down to Jake Elliot.  Area residents took it personally when Al’s Beef opened a location right next to Little Joe’s a few years back.  They thought of Al’s as “Big Beef” and they were damned if Big Beef was going to take a bite out of Little Joe’s business.  The community gathered together, shunned Al’s and ate more Little Joe’s than they ever had before.  Eventually, Al’s realized they were bested by the Little guy and closed the Countryside location.  Almost feel bad for Al’s – they had no idea what kind of battle they were walking into.

Anyway, on this particular trip to Little Joe’s, I ordered 2 cheese dogs.  Fries come with the dog.  Sometimes I get everything on a cheese dog, but not at Little Joe’s.  I like to let the cheese do a solo act.  Little Joe’s is pure perfection, whether you get a dog, a beef, a sausage or a combo.  You can’t go wrong.

little joe cheese dog.jpg

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