Admit it, Ryan Pace Crushed the 2018 Draft

Roquan Smith has been flying all over the field making plays…looking like a future All-Pro.  James Daniels moved into the starting lineup at guard.  Bilal Nichols showed up huge in the New England game and could be a lasting impact interior lineman.  Anthony “Speedy Millie” Miller notched his first 100-yard game and is building a lasting rapport with T-Biscuit.  Kylie Fitts and Joel Iyiegbuniwe have contributed and we saw Javon Wims’ potential in the preseason.  That’s on the heels of the Mitch Trubisky/Eddie Jackson/Tarik Cohen draft.  Credit the former Eastern Illinois Panther who no doubt enjoyed tipped a few back at Ike’s in Charleston once upon a time.  If he didn’t, he should’ve.  Either way, a Pacey hasn’t had this kind of run since Pacey Witter hooked up with Ms. Jacobs, then Andie, then Jen, then Joey.

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