Stop 50 Michiana Shores

Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizza dropped by with a plethora of pizza, breadsticks, meatballs and desserts.  If you visit Long Beach or Michigan City often you’re probably familiar with the popular pizzeria.  Chris, the owner, couldn’t have been nicer.  Dude is a wood fired oven artist.  For the sticks, they have fiery red sauce.  It delivers some punch, but not just for show.  It’s a flavorful heat.  This dipper is a sauce so unique I’d travel the hour from the city just to taste it again.  Chris said you can order it on any pizza, too. Feast your eyes on the proscuitto, pistachio, mozzarella & rosemary in all its savory glory:


For dessert, the chocolate and powdered sugar drizzled Biga Donut is made to share:


Proof they brought enough food:


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