Get a Wendell, Dude

Luckily, the Bulls have a Wendell. Pax ignored Twittiots who demanded Michael Porter Jr. and scooped up a Jr. Deluxe with length. Wendell Carter Jr. doesn’t have stars in his eyes when he sees Anthony Davis. Instead, he concentrates on not leaving his feet out on the perimeter. He focuses on help defense and fundamentals. The kid is putting up some impressive numbers, even as the Bulls lost in New Orleans. The Bulls are struggling, but injuries are the main reason. I can enjoy watching Carter, Hutchison and some others young players develop. Zach LaVine continues having an All-Star season. Lauri Markkanen will be back. There’s hope. As a fan, that’s all I really need sometimes. Go Bulls.

Final thought:  This guy was better than some, but overall I feel bad for Neil Funk fill in play-by-play guys.  I’m sure they’re all solid broadcasters in their own right, but Funk is a legend.  His inflection and Funk-ness adds to the viewers’ enjoyment.  Happy for him he gets to slow down a bit, but his presence is sorely missed.

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