Hutch Dunk Will Be Only Memory of Bulls Loss

The highlight of an otherwise uninspiring night at United Center featured rookie Chandler Hutchison rising and full speed on a fast break and whipping down a devious one-handed dunk.

“My goodness…,” said Neil Funk.

Stacey King described it as “Young Pip.” Incredibly apt call. Watching the replay inspired visions of 1st three peat Pippen. The rook runs the floor with determination and strength and, obviously, finishes with authority. He threw another one down in the same stretch of the 2nd quarter. Not as loud, but as finish-y. He also manned up James Harden, aka Floppy McGee, once or twice in the 4th. Harden has to be the most talented player I’ve ever disliked watching. Refs need to stop letting him ruin the game with his acting. And my opinion of Chris Paul as the most overrated NBA player of all time stands. You ever see lists where people rate him ahead of Zeke? Zeke!! Fucking nuts. Who would think there’d be two unlikable players on the Rockets and neither is Carmelo? They got a win. Good for them. Y’all can trade the sun & moon for Jimmy Butler or whatever, you’re not ever going to the Finals. Do I sounds bitter? Yes. Alright, maybe I’m mad about the loss and I’m taking it out on the Rockets. Time for a Xanax. Y’all take care. Bulls in NYC Monday night. Let’s get one.

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