The Jimmy Butler Lotto Prank

TBT to the time I collaborated with Jimmy Butler to prank my buddy Wiz for an Illinois Lottery commercial.  We set it up at Harry Caray’s Navy Pier.  What they don’t show in the final edit the 30 minutes at the table Wiz spent asking Jimmy about former U of I star Dee Brown.  Why?  Because Wiz is insane.  Jimmy said his only connection to Dee was through Deron Williams, a fellow Texas guy.  Wiz proceeded to mention that Dee Brown was one of his favorite all-time players to watch.  Jimmy replied, “You know I’m sitting right here?”  In a funny way, but it probably was weird to him that Wiz kept talking about Dee Brown, who tasted the NBA but mostly played in Europe.  Meanwhile we’re sitting with a legit star and Wiz is taking up all the conversation with his Illini nonsense.  Ah, well.  Makes it more memorable, I suppose.  Plus, the apps at Harry Caray’s are legit.  Check out my acting skills:

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