Mark Grace’s NBA Leather Coat


This incredible coat once belonged to Cubs great Mark Grace.  At some point during the 1990s, a free-spending Grace commissioned a leathersmith and had it specially designed with then-current NBA logos.  Price was no object, Grace just wanted his dreamcoat.  How did I come into possession of this magical item?  That’s a story for another day. A good story.  I often use Halloween as an excuse to break out the world’s coolest coat.  I dressed as DJ Pauly D this past weekend and Garth Brooks several years ago.  Neither of those celebrities actually wear a coat like this, but it’s plausible they would.  Either way, this coat gets plenty of compliments and attention.  People ask to try it on, borrow it or buy it.  A guy at Lottie’s offered me $300 cash.  I laughed.  Grace paid thousands for this coat.  To me, it’s priceless.  See you next October, GraceCoat.



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