Hawk Harrelson Movie Made Ozzie Cry

(originally published September 2018)

So proud of my boy Matt.  ArcLight Cinema on Clybourn hosted the big premiere of his Hawk Harrelson documentary last night.  Jerry Reinsdorf was in attendance, along with several other White Sox dignitaries.  Not to mention Ken “Hawk” Harrelson himself.  The film is terrific.  Don’t take it from me, take it from Ozzie Guillen who happened to step up to the urinal next to me immediately after the screening and offer his review.  “I cry the whole fucking movie.  I’m like a girl,” Ozzie said.  “I couldn’t stop crying.  I love it.”  Making Ozzie cry like a girl = 100% fresh on the Tomato meter.  Honestly, even as a Cubs fan who has long harbored mixed feelings – at best – about Hawk, I found it to be a pure baseball story that was beautifully told and masterfully shot.  Plus, Hawk seems to make fantastic grilled corn – as you’ll see when it airs next Thursday, September 13th on NBC Sports Chicago at 7pm.  Check it out, sports fans.

Afterwards, we went to celebrate at Underground. Pics below of Matt & JV at the club and the movie theater crowd – you can spot Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams.  I’m sure we’ll give a full recap on next week’s Matt & Brendan.


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