Studio B Series Premiere Party in Logan Square

You probably know TJ Jagodowski as the Sonic guy from his popular fast food commercials.  TJ is also one of the all-time greats in improvisational comedy.  TJ & Dave shows are legendary in Chicago.  They are the Jordan and Pippen of improv.


At The Joinery in Logan Square last night, TJ’s new series “Studio B” hosted a premiere party.  The cast and crew were in attendance, including producer Gus Murray.  A packed house helped themselves to cans of Old Style and handfuls of Garrett’s Mix before the showing.  The first three episodes (7-9 minutes each) ran back-to-back-to-back.

The series has all the makings of a comedy hit.  I’ve grown accustomed to TJ’s goofy Sonic character.  In Studio B, he delivers a character with depth and a touch of a dark backstory wrapped with a Saul Goodman-like sense of humor.  As a lead, TJ’s performance really stood out amongst a terrific cast, who bring a top-notch script to life.  The on-screen chemistry is nothing short of amazing when you consider these are the pilot episodes.  I felt as if these characters had been working together at Studio for years and years.  Music is a major part of the storylines…it being set in a recording studio and all…and the powerful songs they utilize deliver and add to the overall viewing experience.  The plot moves forward with a pace tailored to the modern attention span without sacrificing character or plot development.  I hope they keep cranking out the hits at Studio B for years to come.


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