Zach LaVine Earns Coveted Final Intro Spot in 2018-19 Bulls Home Opener

It helped that Lauri Markkanen is out with an injury, but if Zach LaVine keeps playing the way he is he’ll lock down the MJ spot during Tommy Edwards starting lineup announcements.  Here’s a quick clip of The Finnisher and Denzel Valentine in street clothes as the Alan Parsons Project ramps up (courtesy of my buddy Blats, who was lucky enough to attend):

Bobby Portis had an off shooting night against Detroit and the team defense wasn’t pretty, again.  Still, they only lost by 2 on a last minute defensive breakdown.  Forgot how floppy Blake Griffin can be, although he hit some clutch 3s and got wherever he wanted on offense all night.  Zaza Pachulia should be banned from the NBA for what he did to Kahwi Leonard and, hence, the Spurs franchise.  Zaza continues to play dirty and flop constantly.  Does the NBA still fine guys for flopping?  They should emphasize it again.

Fear not, because Kris Dunn returns Monday in Dallas.  Boy, it’ll be good to have him back.  Not to dump on Cameron Payne.  He had that nice run of buckets in the 3rd quarter, but he’s a reserve and you can’t count on him contributing consistently.  KD’s return from daddy duty ought to settle the guard rotation and you fucking know it’ll help on defense.  Dunn delights in pressuring Dennis Smith Jr.  LaVine became the first Bull to score 30+ in the first two games of the season since Michael in ’86-’87.  Plus, he hit a majestic game-tying three so perfect that it didn’t even jostle the net.  Superstar-quality clutch shot.  Had a chance for a game-winner but lost the handle.  Win some/lose some.  Zach’s competing on both sides of the ball and scoring efficiently.  Entirely possible the Bulls first post-Jimmy All-Star will be LaVine as a reserve this February.  Again, Lauri might’ve had something to say about that before his elbow got jacked up.  At least Wendell Carter Jr. gets a break from guarding All-Star centers…oh, wait…DeAndre Jordan…never mind.  Interested to see Luka Doncic in action.  Let’s get a victory.  Go Bulls.


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