Mike Singletary Aboard a Barge to Bring Clean Water to Liberia

I scheduled a FaceTime interview with Bears Hall of Famer Mike Singletary, who’s on a barge in Rockwall, Texas on a mission to bring clean drinking water to the West African nation of Liberia.   I prepared as if it were a video chat; all set up to screen record my talk with Samurai.  I figured FaceTime = Video.  Turns out it was an audio FaceTime only.  Nevertheless, still cool to have a 1-on-1 call with #50.  Here’s a quick reminder of his playing days:

Singletary caught bits and pieces of the Bears loss to the Patriots yesterday:

Singletary on Khalil Mack and the Bears future:

Singletary about the clean water mission for Liberia.  Donate at thelastwell.org :

And it wouldn’t be a Bears fanboy interview without a Chris Farley Show-esque awkward goodbye from yours truly:

Smooth, Greese.  Real smooth.



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