Starlin Castro Fanboy

(originally published January 2015)

I was invited to be a “celebrity” bartender at the 4th Annual Woody’s Winter Warm-Up at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch at Water Tower Place.  Of course, nobody wants to order a drink from some anonymous radio guy when Anthony Rizzo is mixing cocktails.



The organizers and I agreed that I should just help out in the game room instead.  After my shift, I wandered over to the VIP section and tried to play it cool.  Instead, I shoulder-tapped Starlin Castro to get a fan picture.  I couldn’t help myself.  He’s my favorite hitter to watch among the current Cubs.  Starlin obliged.


Then I hung out and watched beautiful women follow Rizzo and his buddies around.  Rizzo paid little attention.  He gets that sort of following everywhere, I assume.  Rizz walked into VIP and security closed the rope after him, leaving the ladies locked out.

Newly-signed Jon Lester made an appearance.  As did Blackhawks legend Tony Esposito.

My +1 was my buddy Danny.  On our way out, a group of dudes yelled at us to hold the elevator.  Turns out it was Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and his crew.  One of his pals was kind of loaded, courtesy of the open bar.  Ricketts was tending to him like Danny has done for me on many an occasion.  The friend was engaging with all of us in the elevator and moving with a wobble.  Ricketts personally corralled his conversation with bro speak (e.g. “Okay, that’s enough Bob”).  When we reached ground level, Ricketts put the guy’s arm around him and guided him to a waiting van.  Ricketts and his boys all piled in the van and off they went..maybe to get a burrito or something.  That’s what Danny and I did.


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