Vaguely Inspired Katherine Schwarzenegger on Mag Mile

(originally published July 2016)

Katherine Schwarzenegger is Arnold’s daughter and she’s really beautiful.  For both of those reasons, I was a little nervous to sit down and interview her at T.J. Maxx on the Mag Mile.  Katherine was engaged and answered my simple questions.  I left thinking I did a good job.  But then I listened to it later and it was a whole lot of nothing. It’s not her fault.  It’s my job to seek out the Who, When, Where, Why and How.  All I know is she’s visiting 16 T.J. Maxx locations across the country to meet and listen to inspiring women…who in turn…receive inspiration from her…or T.J. Maxx maybe?  It’s called the Road to Real.  I clearly didn’t do my homework and it shows in my vague questions – which, deservedly, earn me vague answers.  But it was cool to meet Katherine Schwarzenegger and get a picture with her.  Hope T.J. Maxx is paying her handsomely.  Listen to my lousy interview if you want.  Although, you probably won’t learn anything:


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