Michael Jordan’s Restaurant Opening in Oakbrook

(originally published Aug 2017)

Michael Jordan’s Restaurant in Oakbrook is the hottest new spot in the Western Suburbs.  It features downtown Chicago-quality ambience and a comfortable, spacey bar. We sampled the Big Mike sliders and the 23-ingredient chopped salad and I drank His Aleness, brewed specially in collaboration with MJ’s Restaurant.  Michael approves everything on the menu, so you know it’s quality.  The chef is a rockstar and the bar and serving staff are top notch.  Be sure to get the 23 Layer Chocolate Cake for Dessert.  See the theme?  The entire place is covered with rarely-seen photos from MJ’s career.  IMG_3452.JPG

His Airness was in attendance for the grand opening, sitting at a table out on the patio with pals Ahmad Rashad, Otis Wilson & Richard Dent.  I grabbed a complimentary cigar and did a walk by.  MJ’s table was surrounded by onlookers.  As I approached, Michael looked up and I caught full, friendly eye contact with the GOAT.  But, ultimately, considering the situation, I determined it wasn’t the right move to try and interrupt or force my way into the cool table.  I’d rather have no interaction with my greatest hero than an awkward or forced one.  Honestly, I felt awed and honored just to be in Michael Jordan’s presence.  I didn’t want to snap a pic of him at the table, but here’s one of him leaving and me watching him leave:



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